• Unique Solutions to You

    Gold is not just an investment; it is salvaging the power you deserve. Every customer is unique to Kosamattam. So we do not offer standard solutions but instead offer proposals to satisfy your every need.

  • The Gold Bullion

    An inch of time is an inch of gold, but you can't buy that inch of time with an inch of gold. Enjoy the expertise we offer in gold investments and exploit the opportunity to diversify.

  • Invest with the Best

    The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit. Gold has an everlasting sentimental value, which ensures its interminable growth; trust us to tap its potential.

  • Growth for the Nation

    For decades we have modernised the environment and livelihood of the common man by applying our discoveries and innovations. Your health and wellbeing are our primary concern; we endure to preserve your health at its very best.

  • Stand atop the Pinnacles

    Providing enlightened minds with opportunities to set the bar for the heights of success. Come work with us and find yourself surrounded by the best minds in the business.

  • Perfection Redefined

    Always committed to providing the highest quality in everything we do. We are a customer based company and our policies are defined according to your specifications and perfection is our bloodline.

  • Aimed at Variety

    Diversifying into new ventures providing superior and better options of growth and expansion. Change is good, it’s even better with us.

  • Chairmans Message
  • The Path to Success
  • Our Vision

Chairmans Message

" The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.- Ralph Waldo Emerson." India being the legendary superpower has now brought itself to the helm of perpetual growth on domestic and international levels. The present business environment demands for localization, thereby forging paths for international firms to form substantial coalitions with the domestic market, providing better opportunities to grow.

One thing that we need the world to see is that the services provided by growing institutions are far superior to those that have maintained the status quo. This confirms that the beneficial effects of entry accrue not just to entrants that cross international borders but also to other forms of expansion - in particular, to entrants that expand across provincial borders. The Kosamattam Family of Institutions is astutely watching and elegantly moving forward, one foot before the other.

The Path to Success

Credibility, Reliability and Trust are the motto's that Kosamattam was built on. Like the stars that form, the straight line on Orion's Belt, on a clear night sky, we have and will always be there with a clear insight and straightness that will fulfill your every need. The burning need to evolve and the varied needs of the people always keeps us à la mode and on the move for progress.

A look through the Telescope of Time

With the dawn of 2020, Kosamattam will become the conglomerate that serves the entire world population. With over 20 diverse fields of expertise, focusing on devising the success in the life of the common man, we intend to be very visible in the market. We are here to form a socially responsible multifarious system on the cornerstones of Truth and Trust.

Careers are both destiny and hard work. At Kosamattam we provide you with the opportunity to inspire yourself and the people around you. If you believe that destiny rules your life, move along with the wind and tide. But if you believe that it is through hard work that you succeed, then you need the right team and the right place. We at Kosamattam give you the chance to be someone.

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